Reevers Pastoral Pty Ltd is a privately owned company.

Initially set up to research reverse breeding of beef cattle the business has diversified into the warbirds market, essentially utilizing the same research techniques and demonstrating the effectiveness of its capabilities.

While climate change or climate shift as we prefer to call it, has been centralized on the impacts on the environment, Reevers research is focused on the impact on livestock.

While traveling for agistment and breeding, the owner’s interest in aircraft was piqued when stumbling across wrecks, parts and stories from farmers.

Today, while Reevers still maintains an active interest in cattle, aircraft now form a major component of the company’s efforts.


We’re always interested in hearing from people who may be looking to:

  • buy or sell – either cattle or aircraft/parts,
  • discuss beef breeding and artificial insemination options
  • looking for aircraft wreck removal
  • site clean-ups involving aircraft wrecks & WW2 dumps


While our Facebook page reflects a single facet of what we do, this webpage will broaden the ideology that something old can be new again.