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Neglected B-25 to Resettle in Australia


For more than a decade, a forlorn B-25J Mitchell 44-31508 has sat more or less abandoned and exposed to nature at an airfield in Franklin, Virginia. Many have tried in vain to do something positive to help the aircraft, but a complicated legal dispute has made doing so next to impossible for a very long time. And so the tired bomber has sat, slowly returning to the elements as the squabbling continued. Happily though, an Australian husband and wife team, whose warbird collection is known mysteriously as Reevers, has stepped in to give the tired warhorse, known ironically as “Lucky Lady“, a new lease on life down-under.



For the full article: – B25 to resettle in Australia

Images Courtesy of Paul Cooper


Welcome to 2015 & our new site!

We’ve had so much on the go in recent times at Reevers, that updating the webpage has (unfortunately) been the least of our worries! With a new year and so many new plans and projects on the go, we thought it was time to give the old page a bit of a refresh. We hope you like it!

Over the coming months, we’ll be updating with photos of research (past and present), items for sale, new acquisitions and more. As always, we’re happy to hear from other collectors.


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